Rivers Edge RV Resort Yuma Arizona


Our staff is dedicated to helping you with
lot location according to availability.  We recommend advance reservations as soon
as possible to ensure your favorite location.

This page will give you an exact location
of the lot you have been assigned to by
our staff or chosen by you if it is
available.  The map at the bottom is full length showing east to west.  If your lot
is in the east section, you would "click"
on the upper right hand map to give you
a full view for ease of seeing lot numbers and streets.  If your lot is in the
west section, you would click the middle
right hand picture to give you the full
view.  When you "click" on the maps, they will come up on your screen as a PDF file.

We are a pet friendly resort and on the
map you can see area's provided for their use.  We also mark picnic areas and the proximity of your lot to amenities and services that we provide our guest.


Rivers Edge RV Resort
2299 Winterhaven Drive
Winterhaven California 92283
For Info or Reservations
(760) 572-5105

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